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Rudolph was one of my patients.

Kyoko is lying on the grass. Ragnar is our new colleague. I'm sorry to bother you about this at work. The suspected rapist was taken into custody. Lauren looks as if she's got a headache.

Cory walked into the kitchen to get himself some coffee. He threw me the apple. He still hasn't responded. Can you bring down my trunk from upstairs?

Whatever are you doing here? Let's call Page. I want to share something with you. You're very friendly. His condition goes up and down. Merat renovated his house.

This proposal was unanimously approved. The boys climbed up the tree faster than a pack of squirrels. Do you see them? Please accept our apologies for not filling your order sooner. I was very tired, but I was nevertheless unable to sleep.

That was enough to issue a warrant for Dan's arrest. She arrived at school on time in spite of the snowstorm. I like raw food. People say something is cold even if it is at a relatively low temperature, especially compared to body temperature.

You're supposed to wear a costume. Who will want a motorcycle with screeching brakes? It's never been a problem before. Environmental problems call for quick action. Romain and Suzan have been playing tennis all day. Look, I told you Jeannie is a friend of mine. Mahmoud treats Eugene like a princess. Mark and Leonor broke off their relationship. At 7 p.m. I have dinner with my family.

Today is a special day. This is an important step. Cathrin reluctantly obeyed. She arrived when we were about to leave.

He always works hard. What is the maximum dosage for an adult? Brazil lost a major politician. The finding of God is coming to one's self. Can you excuse me a second? Kemal is such a nice guy.

Elvis is buying some bananas. Claire is waiting for Dale in front of the supermarket. Tolerant often plays the guitar. I just want to talk a minute. Nou is to blame for all of this. Tao has been a little depressed recently. You're a good actor.

Can you give us a hand over here? Where does that leave them? Seenu was attacked by a rabid squirrel. Sunil blocked Valerie's punch, then slapped her with his right hand. Leonard was eager to go home. Sandip backed his car out of the garage. I didn't want him to die. It doesn't matter, Susanne. Next to him, I'm the fastest runner in our class. I've been honest with you.

A fish rots from the head down. I read a lot of books in my youth; I am a scholar in my own way. This is a glass mosaic. That was his plan all along. I'm just too tired now to do anything. Herbert showed us a picture of Sharon. Such things as television and computers could not have been dreamed of fifty years ago.

My home town lies 10 miles south of New York. You study French, don't you? What a feast! I was in terrible pain.

It started to rain at four o'clock in the morning. I don't drink coffee at all. For certain, no one will look for this sentence.

You were alive when you were born and you are alive at this moment, so you must be alive any point in between. That implies everyone's life is a convex one. They all should go with you. Is your school far from your home? The high-density urban coastal corridor from Washington, DC, north to Boston is one of the most developed environments in the world, containing a massive, complex, and long-standing network of supporting infrastructure. The Northeast also has a vital rural component. I'll have to take them with me. How many students are in the school?